Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Christine Giardina Testimonial

If it wasn’t for a colleague of mine, I would have never had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Steven over the past several months.  His patience and knowledge has made this a commitment that I have been able to keep.

Steven has given me the motivation and encouragement to push myself a little harder to achieve desired results.  I love the fact the Steven has taught me that I don’t need fancy gym equipment to get results.  I am able to work-out with him twice a week and take what I have learned home with me. 

With diet and exercise I am down 24 lbs, and have lost 6 inches.  I have begun to tone up and I have finally begun to fit into clothes that have been sitting in my closet that I could never throw out because I would one day fit into them.  I have been getting a lot of compliments from friends and family saying that they have noticed a huge change in the way I look and how I am carrying myself.  With Steven’s continued support I know I will be able to accomplish the fitness goals I have set for myself from this point forward!!!!  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Testimonial- Taylor Ruth Bertley

Steven King is an amazing personal trainer. I have worked with several trainers but I was extremely impressed by Steven's ability to listen to my needs, and create a comprehensive program for reaching my fitness goals. He has taught me correct form for many exercises I was performing incorrectly for years. Steven also challenged me and provided the direction and "push" I required to really achieve results. I am more toned, in better condition, have better posture, and knowledgeable since training with Steven. I recommend him to anyone who is serious about making a lifestyle change by incorporating fitness into their lives.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Testimonial- Christie Iburg

I have been working out with Steven for two months. I was in a car accident and since then have gained a lot of weight and was very out of shape. In the two months that I have worked with him I have lost ten pounds and many inches. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12. He has worked me out very hard but he makes it an enjoyable work out. I really enjoy working out with Steven. I feel better both physically and emotionally.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Although summer is coming to an end; that doesn't mean our dedication to a healthy life and fit physique should end as well. Let's remain motivated and take our fitness to new heights! Don't wait, get started now!!!!

30 min session
1 session- $55
w/2 people- $50
4 sessions- $200
8 sessions- $360
12 sessions- $480

1 hour session
1 session- $85
w/2 people- $80
4 sessions- $320
8 sessions- $600
12 sessions- $780

Testimonial- Gail Bannister-Munn

This year, I was fortunate to work with Steven in my group exercise classes The Bannister Method. The class incorporated core strength training with stretching and yoga. It helped to increase range of motion across all joints as well as develop the deep muscles that stabilize the spine and infuse proper posture and alignment. By you taking this class twice per week, I was amazed at much your ability as athlete improved your ability to move, pose, run, lift and function. I admire your dedication as athlete, and trainer.

Any athlete, or individual interested in improving their performance in a sport, and function should be open-minded to incorporating an intense, focused and enjoyable mode of exercise into the existing regiment. The results will be positive. You as a coach, trainer, mentor will inspire anyone wanting to be an athlete, looking for a mentor, or just someone trying to accomplish a fit day to day lifestyle. As a fitness professional, Steven is dynamic with a high standard for delivering solid instruction to every client.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Welcome to Royalty Fitness.  Our goal is simple.  We want to provide strength, balance, and training to achieve and maintain outstanding health and fitness levels at any age.  To help you meet your daily fitness needs and goals in a safe and fun environment.

The time is now to live a healthy and active life by treating your body like royalty.  Together we can achieve these goals through a variety of different exercises. 

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